The competitiveness of European companies in micro and nano technologies (MNT) very much relies on short time-to-market. That is true in particular for collaborative, distributed design and fabrication scenarios typical for an area where SMEs are strongly involved. Reduced time-to-market can only be achieved by faster product engineering. MNT product design and fabrication process development is an experimental task making use of key experiments or past experience to iteratively improve the engineering flow until a satisfying result has been reached.

Enterprises will benefit from information and communication technology (ICT)-based product engineering for MNT by the achievements of CORONA, such as:

A customer-driven product engineering methodology for MNT based on the co-operation of different companies, usually in different places anywhere in the world, operating concurrently.

Business cases as performed in MNT to allow an in-depth demonstration of the capabilities and benefits of the methodology by realising representative example products. Benefits to be demonstrated include cost reduction, reduced time-to-market, new business creation and higher quality products.

Product engineering services provided as an infrastructure to support the execution of the methodology making use of a distributed, service-oriented architecture, including a set of software tools and network infrastructure needed to support the knowledge and data management along the entire product development chain while preserving intellectual property rights.

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