Software tools and services

To execute the methodology, it is necessary to have a comprehensive set of services for the customer. CORONA will identify such services, show how they can be realised and deliver operational implementations.

There is a variety of tools to support the design of MNT products on the higher levels (e.g. from Coventor), to support the design and knowledge management of technologies (e.g. from the EU FP6 project PROMENADE, provided for CORONA by Universität Siegen and Process Relations), and to link communication, networking and project execution tools to this scenario (e.g. from Process Relations). These tools will be useful components for customer services and will thus be taken as core objects for innovative service implementations.

Beyond existing tools from the partners a variety of other design tools, which exist on the market, will also be integrated into the environment. In the most critical areas of the design flow, especially at the boundaries between structural design, layout design and process design, however, there are still only few useful tools available. To be able to execute the whole methodology, a considerable part of the work in this project will deal with the development and implementation of new services and tools of this kind to be integrated into the overall design flow.


A NMP project in FP7 funded by the
European Commission
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3D Fully Parametric Schematic Editor Coventor Sarl
Process and Material Editors Coventor Sarl
Cross-Section Editor Universität Siegen
Physical Layer Analyser Universität Siegen
Process Recommender Universität Siegen
Interface to TCAD Simulations Universität Siegen
Interface to Manufacturing Execution System Process Relations
Heterogeneous Device Oriented Simulation System Instytut Technologii Elektronowej
Links for Virtual Manufacturing with SEMulator3D Coventor Sarl
Process Design Kits Coventor Sarl
Generic Reporting and Search Framework in Xperidesk Process Relations
Exports of PDKs from XperiDesk Process Relations
Imports of PDKs into XperiDesk Process Relations
Extensions to the Electronic Development Flow Elmos
Integration with MEMS and EDA Coventor Sarl
Electronic Product Engineering Flow Elmos
Distributed Project Binder Universität Siegen
Interface to Measurement and Analysis Equipment Process Relations